Where it all Started

The idea for the Hampi Children’s Trust (HCT) originated in November 2006, when two old friends, Tim Brown (from England) and Kali Das (born and raised in Hampi), met again in Hampi. They met each other 10 years prior when Kali was 15 years old, was working as a tour guide and showed Tom the beautiful village of Hampi.

8 KinderBoth Tim and Kali love the village and its spiritual atmosphere. However, at the same time they were worried about its growing poverty. A particular concern of theirs was the amount of young children that weren’t attending school. They both know that the future of these children, without an education, is bleak, especially for young girls.

Kali Das: During late night conversations in my book store, we discussed what we could do for these children and how we could best support them. This is how the idea for a private school at the end of the main street of Hampi for the children of the Gangas was formed. We wanted to provide them with: a chef, whom would provide the children with daily meals and a teacher, whom would teach them the foundations of reading, writing, and math. The children should also have the possibility to learn the local language, Kannada, and English. Tim returned to Hampi in February 2007 for 4 weeks and we implemented our plan and financed the school with our own money.

We bargained with Ganga for the places in our school, visited the parents of our first 8 children, found a chef (after several mishaps) and the wonderful Chidananda, as our teacher. Even though Chidananda isn’t a certified teacher, he immediately connected with the children and has since been doing a great job as teacher, helper, and organizer.

On Monday the 30th of April 2007, we opened the doors of Hampi Children’s Trust to our first 8 children. During the school break, our group grew to 16 children. They visited our summer school in the abandoned Temple at the Hills of Matanga, which the local Ashram had left for our disposal.

AutoFive weeks later on the fourth of June in 2007 was a big day- the first day of the new school year! Some days before the big day, the 8 children, Tim, Chidananda, and I visited the city of Hospet to buy school uniforms, shoes, socks, school bags, and everything else that the children required. It was a tiring day, but all of our efforts were worth it! Thanks to this visit Hampamma, Oblamma, Laxmi, and Bhuni were enabled: to have breakfast, pull on their school uniforms and make their way to school. In the next upcoming weeks Vina, little Kaveri, Raji, and Anjoli also joined us after their school uniforms finally arrived from the seamstress. All of our hard work and our vision, to see these children receive an education, was finally coming together.

Männer mit Kindersocken

In the beginning of the month of August, we rented a guest house with six bedrooms for a total of 5 years and named it the Harmony House. The rental contract has since expired and we have relocated to a small home.


The children meet at 8.30 a.m., eat breakfast and prepare themselves for the school day ahead. They receive lunch, go to school till 4 p.m., complete their homework and receive additional lessons from Chidananda or participate in their music, dance, or yoga classes. Naturally, we also see them on the weekend, celebrate their birthdays, participate in day trips, and maintain a garden.

On the 31st of May 2008, HCT was legitimized and registered in Hospet as a non-profit organization under the Indian Trust Act 1882. It is wonderful that we found Dr. Sohas, a general physician, whom takes care of the children and Mr. Errana, the manager of Canara Bank in Hampi, whom is more than willing to give us financial aid and advice.

Now we have 40 children in our project. They receive 3 meals a day and we take care of their school fees, uniforms, school supplies, free time activities, medical and dental bills. For additional support we have hired Shoba, a young woman from the village, who is working part-time as a teacher’s assistant. Naturally we have many more ambitions for the future, we would like to further develop our activities for more children- but we are dependent on donations and volunteers. We are deeply grateful for everyone that has supported us thus far and helped make our dream a reality- especially the volunteers and donors, without them it would have been difficult for us. We genuinely thank everyone for their help and support!“