Volunteering - Assisting in the Children’s Home

ClownShould you want to partake on a beautiful trip, dive into the Indian mentality and give back- than Hampi is the place for you!

Regardless of your qualifications or education, you can assist us here in HCT. HCT is interested in the diverse talents of our volunteers and how their unique perspectives can benefit the children. Maybe you could assist the children with their English or math homework. You could teach them a new game, dance or a musical instrument. Or maybe you could cook a traditional dish from your home country and tell the children about the country where you come from. You could also accompany us on our weekend excursions.

The sponsors are naturally ecstatic when they receive an update and pictures of their child. You can help prepare this update together with the personnel of HCT.

Duration of the Voluntary Service

In order to create a bond with the children, it is recommended that one stays at least 2 weeks in Hampi. The maximum duration of your service is solely limited by your visa.

Accommodation / Catering

HCT will take care of your accommodation during your stay. You can join us at HCT for your daily meals (simple and delicious rice dishes with vegetables) or you can explore the culinary delights that the village of Hampi has to offer. Breakfast costs approximately 80 cents and lunch costs from 1-2 Euros.


Depending on whether or not the children are on school break, they will be spending more or less time at HCT. Usually mornings start at 8 a.m., either with a lesson for the children, breakfast or an excursion. Around this time you can assist the children with their morning responsibilities, help in the kitchen, go grocery shopping or assist with a lesson. SuTrA e.V. will provide you with additional information and assistance, should you want to work in a particular field, and ensure that you can collaborate with other volunteers.
You can work the entire day in the HCT, however it is not expected of you. Together with the trustees on-site you can determine, how much time you would like to invest daily. You can also plan it in such a manner that you can volunteer at Hampi, but also have some time for yourself.

What you can do next to work

On the activities page you can get a quick impression, of what Hampi has to offer next to volunteering.

Should you want to volunteer:

If you have already made the decision or you would like to receive some more information, you can contact SuTrA e.V. or Daniela Wolf. They will assist you with the planning of your trip and etc.