Kali Das Shetty saw the needy children in his village and knew that he wanted to help them. With the help of his friend, Tom Brown, he turned his vision into a reality.

8 KinderThey started with the resources that were available to them and paid for everything that the children required. With their investment 2007, they were able to provide 8 children with food, an education and medical care. Over the years this compassion of a few has grown on a global scale and has allowed self-determined futures for many more children.

The best help that one person can give to another is to provide them with an education. With an education these children will never have to beg again.

Currently are providing 40 children with:


Project: Building a New School

Political Situation in Hampi

The town of Hampi lies in a region that has been listed as a world cultural heritage site. Unfortunately, this has complicated the lives of the population, because the Indian government has demolished all of their homes that lie between the old cultural sites. A shocking 2/3 citizens have been affected by these collective demolitions. The affected families have been appointed new land, but not received any other form of compensation for their losses and are therefore unable to build new homes. Also many shops have been destroyed in this process.

HampiThese dramatic changes have driven a majority of Hampi’s citizens into poverty. More and more children and their families are in danger of losing their homes and living on the streets. Even the building that we are currently situated in is under threat.

It is our goal to build a home, which will serve as a safe living and school environment. Without our help these children would have to return to the streets.

Daniela Wolf would be more than happy to hold lectures for schools and institutions about the Hampi Children’s Trust, should you be interested.

Quote from Kali Das (2:04): „We provide them with everything that they need for school: school and medical supplies, food, clothes, toothpaste, and more. The first couple of months, we paid for everything ourselves, afterwards, however we needed to ask for help from tourists, locals, and friends. Meanwhile we have been receiving financial support and we wholeheartedly appreciate it.“

8 Kinder

Kali: „We mediate practical activities, such as: yoga, cultural excursions, dancing, singing, and etc. Every Sunday morning, a yoga instructor comes to teach the children. He is a wonderful instructor. We have also hired a lady, who teaches classical Indian music and dancing. In this manner, we not only motivate the children academically, but also culturally. In the future the children will be taught art again. We had an artist named Rudhi who used to teach art to the children. Now he has a job in Bangalore and had to leave us, unfortunately.“


Some travelers, who come to enjoy the beautiful region and the ruins of the former royal city of Vijayanagar, stay to share their skills with the children. Students come to do their internships here and others as volunteers and become a part of our lively community.