Our Vision

Currently HCT is caring for 40 children. Naturally we would like to provide for even more children.

Kali: „There are many more children that could use our help. We hope to aid them once we have received enough donations to finance it. The sky is the limit for HCT. We wish to help as many children as possible, not only in Hampi. We want to help every child in need, regardless of where they come from. HCT is named after the city where the project was founded. We have our eyes set on a piece of land that we are planning to build a school on. In the future we hope to do much more.

A vision becomes a reality: Due to the unstable political situation in Hampi, the construction of a new school building with an integrated children’s home is being planned.

Helfried Siegel, an architect, is currently working on the planning of the project. The land is also being sought for. As soon as there are enough resources for the construction, then the dream can become a reality: the children can finally have their own home!