Our Team

LernenKali Das

Kali was born in Hampi and lives there with his wife and young son. He has been working as a tour guide in this fascinating and magical town of Hampi, since he was 15 years old. With his knowledge of English and French (thanks to his five year study in Pondicherry), Kali opened his eco-friendly heritage gallery, the Hampi Heritage Gallery. It had been his dream for many years to implement a project like HCT and he is overjoyed that it has become a reality thanks to his reunion with Tom in 2006.

LernenDaniela Wolf

Daniela worked as an independent tour operator and seminar leader for Vedic healing techniques. She organized and led trips in old force locations in India. It was through this that she met Kali Das and HCT and has since accompanied us with much enthusiasm. In 2012 she initiated the planning of a school building with an integrated children’s house for the children.

Upon request she would be more than happy to hold speeches at schools or institutions about our project.

LernenRoy Kaiser

Roy studied Industrial Engineering and researched poverty reduction in India. Through his research he learned about HCT and worked for a while on-site. In 2013 he founded Helping Hands, a non-profit organization, and is currently working on his doctorate in Berlin.


LernenTim Brown

Tim was born and raised in the midlands of England and worked as a social worker for 15 years in York. He fell in love with India and especially in Hampi, when he first visited this astounding country in 1996. When he returned to Hampi in 2006 with a crumpled photograph of Kali and him in his hand, Tim was overjoyed to finally see his friend again. He and Kali determined that they both wanted to give back to this wonderful village.


Since the beginning of the project, Chida has been there for the children. In his responsible, calm, and caring manner he overtook the role of: custodian, teacher, helper, and organizer.


Shoba has also supported the children since day one, as a teacher. Her two daughters enjoy the aid of the HCT.


Parvathi works as a chef, for us. She has four daughters and two of them are a part of our children’s group.


Since 2010, Lakshmi has been working as a chef for our children and providing them with delicious (mostly vegetarian) food.