If you would like to donate some money to the children in Hampi, then you can do a simple money transfer to the donations account of SuTrA e.V. in Cologne. The organization is non-profit.

100% donations will be transferred to HCT in Hampi.

Bank account information::
Axis Bank hospet
Branch 583201
Account number 912020000660457
Ifs code utib0000618
Subject: HCT


SuTrA eV. Kölner Bank
BLZ: 37160087
Account Number: 631646000
Subject: HCT

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Daniela Wolf (

Current Project

zerstörtes HausOur biggest project to date is the construction of our new school building with an integrated children’s home. The government is demolishing the homes of Hampi, without giving its residents any form of compensation. The survival of the school is at stake and therefore we are focusing most of our efforts on a neighboring village that will host our new school building.

Currently an architect is developing the plans for the construction and a suitable piece of land is being sought for.

We need financial support inorder to: obtain the land, start construction and furnish the building.

Any and all support is welcome.

Daniela Wolf visits the project biyearly and would be more than happy to inform you about our progress and any changes that have been implemented.

Contribution Receipt

Should you need a contribution receipt, please inform us so that we can send it to you. We require your address, as we do not receive any personal information from the money transfers.

Please understand that we can only send a contribution receipt if you have donated at least 10€ and we will need to spend a portion of your contribution to cover the postal charges.